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Today, we are excited to talk about same-day dentistry with E4D technology! Did you know that by using E4D we can create and place your permanent dental crown in just one appointment at Whispering Pines Dental? If you have broken or damaged teeth, you may find that this advanced technology can help you have the smile you want in only a short amount of time. We are happy to provide further information on the benefits of E4D in comparison to traditional dental crowns.

E4D dental crowns don’t look or function differently from their traditional counterparts. Like all dental crowns, they cover the whole of the teeth down to the gum line to provide protection and improve the quality and appearance of the tooth. One of the reasons why patients love E4D is because the crowns can be fully customized to the desired size, color and shape, recreating the original lost tooth structure or making the tooth look even better. We can ensure your crown meets your preferences and needs in just one visit.

E4D technology bypasses many steps in the process of placing dental crowns, including the need for temporary dental crowns while the final restorations are created by a dental lab using an impression of your smile. Because our E4D crowns can be created onsite in just one visit, you can avoid the use of temporary crowns. E4D crowns can also be extremely durable and give you up to a decade of use with normal wear and tear before they need to be fixed or replaced.

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