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If you have a bad habit of nibbling on desktop items or you nervously bite your fingernails, a piece could break off and become stuck between your teeth. If this happens, it can cause significant pressure, discomfort and potential pain.

Even if you are in a state of distress, Dr. William Robison recommends remaining calm while you attempt to safely dislodge the offending item from between your teeth.

You should never attempt to use toothpicks or any kind of sharp, pointed tool. Even something like a simple toothpick could potentially injure your gums or chip a tooth.

Waxed dental floss is the best thing to use. The special coating on the dental floss allows the strand to glide easier between teeth to work around the offending item. It’s important that you don’t force the floss or try to snap it between the teeth. If you have a floss threader on hand, it can help you insert the strand between the foreign object and your gumline.

If you have a water flosser in your home, it might be worth a try. The focused stream of water could flush away the object without any undue pressure.

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