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Lasers for the new age have been used in dentistry as of the early 1990s. Lasers have been successfully implemented and used in a variety of dental services. Not only are lasers highly effective at performing extremely precise treatments, they are widely effective in a broad array of dental procedures to ensure maximum success for your smile.

What uses does laser dentistry for the new age have for your smile? Listed below are some of the typical uses of laser dentistry:

– Root Canal Therapy: When root canals are needed to save teeth, lasers are often employed to clear away excess bacteria and tissue to ensure the area is clean for the root canal therapy to be successful.

– Cavities: When dental fillings are required to fill cavities, lasers can be used to clear the decay around cavities and prepare a tooth for a filling.

– Oral Ailments: Lasers are often set to precisely eliminate painful lesions and sores from inside a person’s mouth.

– Cancer Biopsies: Lasers can carefully remove a small amount of tissue from a person’s cheek for use in oral cancer biopsies.

– Teeth Whitening Treatments: The gel used with many varieties of professional whiteners can be activated with a light source such as a laser.

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