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Are you wondering whether there is anything you can do now and in the long term to protect your oral health as you age? You are probably already aware of the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist every six months, but there are a number of steps you should take to counteract the effects of aging on your smile.

You can avoid many dental problems over time by not abusing the use of your teeth with bad habits such as chewing on hard foods, ice, or your nails, as these can crack or chip your teeth. If you do encounter these problems, we encourage you to contact our dentist as soon as you can. Habits you should develop include regularly brushing and flossing your teeth and caring for the health and strength of your gums.

As you get older, you may begin taking prescription medications that could lead to dry mouth, which can cause many more dental problems, including increasing the vulnerability of your teeth to tooth decay and gum disease. If you have found yourself dealing with any of these dental concerns, we encourage you to schedule a visit with the dentist as soon as possible and notify him of any medications you are currently taking.

To learn more about how aging affects your oral health, please feel free to contact Whispering Pines Dental at 702-384-5070 and schedule a consultation with Dr. William Robison. We would be happy to discuss your oral health needs.