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When you are in your late teens or early twenties, the last back molars on both sides of your mouth finally come in. These are commonly referred to as your wisdom teeth. Some people whose wisdom teeth surface without issue will never need them removed.

Many times, wisdom teeth only partially erupted may emerge askew crowding the other teeth. When this occurs, it can cause tenderness, disease and alignment problems. In this case, your dentist will want to remove the offending tooth to ensure that your other teeth have space to align properly. Teeth that are taken out prior to the age of 20 have underdeveloped roots and are more easily removed with fewer complications. This is why most people get their wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 16-19.

Impacted wisdom teeth are embedded into the bone of the jaw and must be broken up to be extracted. The procedure of the oral surgeon is to make an incision into the gums to take out the tooth piece by piece and lessen the impact made on the jaw bone.

Once the operation is completed, there is usually some swelling and tenderness of the face and neck. The severity of these complications after oral surgery varies from person to person and the patient will be given medication to reduce discomfort.

In the following days, it is important that good oral hygiene is practiced to keep your mouth healing cleanly without further issue. Frequent rinsing with a germ-fighting mouthwash is recommended.

If you’re between 16 and 19 and are experiencing tenderness in your rearmost teeth, you may be ready to have your wisdom teeth out. Dr. William Robison would be happy to evaluate your situation. To make an appointment or to have your questions answered regarding wisdom teeth removal, please contact Whispering Pines Dental at: 702-384-5070, or drop by in Las Vegas, Nevada.