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Your child’s baby teeth are typically replaced with their 32 permanent teeth by the time they are around 13 years old. Their permanent teeth will help them speak, bite, and chew throughout properly their adult life.

What distinguishes these back teeth are the ridges on the tooth’s surface that help them break down food and help them swallow and digest their food properly. These ridges are called “cusps”. The downside is, the ridges are also home to oral bacteria, dental plaque, and acid to collect and build up. This is exacerbated by their location in the back of the mouth, which is hard to reach with a toothbrush, making them susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

To counteract this, our dentist, Dr. William Robison, uses dental sealants to coat your child’s molars and premolars to give them the protection they need to avoid decay. These sealants are typically applied at your child’s six-month dental checkup with our team of fun, dental professionals. We will evaluate your child’s oral health during their checkup and cleaning, and if needed, may recommend dental sealant protection.

Dental sealants are made from a dental resin which is applied by our dentist to the molars and premolars. This helps protect the chewing surfaces by keeping out acid, bacteria and plaque. These sturdy, effective barriers can last up to ten years, after which they can be resealed. Of course, it’s not just your child that can benefit from dental sealants. In fact, are often used to protect adults with a history of cavities.

Caring for your child’s sealant protected teeth is the same as caring for their normal teeth; they will still need to brush and floss daily to keep tooth decay and gum disease away.

If you currently reside in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area and feel that your child’s permanent teeth could use extra protection, we invite you to call 702-384-5070 and book a dental checkup at Whispering Pines Dental. Our team is always ready to assist you with you or your child’s oral health!