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Are you prepared for oral accidents and injuries? Have you taken the time to build emergency kits to ensure healthy treatments will be available should the worst occur? Although tooth loss and objects stuck in teeth are common oral accidents, there are many ways in which your oral health could be compromised in an instant.

If you suffer blunt force trauma or suffer a fall, it is possible you will crack or fracture a tooth. If this should occur, clean your mouth out with water and clear the wound of any debris. Apply a gauze to the wound until bleeding stops. Visit your dentist to fill the crack and prevent infection or tooth loss from occurring.

On occasion, previous tooth restoration treatments can be jarred loose or fail. When this happens with a dental crown, it is important to cover the exposed tooth with a soft cotton swab dabbed in clove oil if applicable. If you lose a dental filling, the hole should be covered with a cotton swab and a meeting for a new dental filling should be arranged at our office.

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