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Minor physical defects and cavities that are limited to a tooth’s enamel layer can often be treated by applying a dental filling. The special material used to seal the area and restore the tooth’s natural integrity is designed to last for many years.

However, long-term oral hygiene problems can potentially cause an old dental filling to loosen its once strong bond with the surrounding tooth enamel. A problem like this is even more likely to develop if you have a bad habit of putting off your dental checkups with Dr. William Robison.

If you notice one of your dental fillings feels loose or falls out, you need to have our dentist examine and treat the tooth as soon as possible. The longer you delay in seeking professional intervention, the more likely you are to experience tooth decay complications in the area or a severe dental fracture.

Once our dentist has examined the tooth, he will help you understand your possible treatment options. In a case where the distressed dental filling is small, he might be able to remove it along with a small area of surrounding tooth enamel. Then a replacement dental filling can be applied and secured in place.

If you live in the area surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada, and you have a tooth with a distressed dental filling you should call 702-384-5070 to have it treated as soon as possible at Whispering Pines Dental.